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The Efra Halal Rejuvenate body lotion is a natural moisturizer which helps to regain your natural skin with its powerful nourishment and vitamins for healthy skin care.

Rejuvenate your skin with best natural body lotion having smart key ingredients of Olive, Basil leaves and Avocado.

Olive – enriched with vitamin E, protects skin from premature aging and makes it a soft glow.

Avocado: cleans and nourishes the skin giving a fresh youthful look and makes it supple and shiny.

Basil leaves:

Basil is called the king of herbs. It prevents acne & pimples and it has anti-aging property. The natural oils of basil and antioxidants present in basil rejuvenate your skin and make the skin soft and radiant.

The body lotion is very fine in texture and absorbs easily into skin and start working immediately after applying leaving a charming fragrance.

You can pick this one as best moisturizer for sensitive skin


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