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Halal Personal Care & Cosmetics

Why Choose Efra Halal

Some Awesome Features of Efra Halal


We can easily help our customers select ingredients to meet the requirements of the growing halal market. Certified ingredients mean customers can guarantee quality and trace-ability from us as their ingredient supplier


Efra has originated it’s concept n 2012, with passing of time the concept evolved day by day with the tactical objective of providing better & efficient service to the nucleus market & has established itself as a trusted brand.

Social Acceptance

Halal Certification guarantees that PHB products are free from haram alcohol which is not only great for Muslims but health conscious consumers who don't want to cover their body in harsh and damaging chemicals.

Customer Needs

According to the news, in halal cosmetic products, cleanliness & hygiene is very closely related to cosmetic product safety. The concept of Halal contains the herbal extracts & natural ingredients that is very good and safe to use in our daily life.

Principles of Our Work


We believe that transparency in both how we work as a company and how we work with our consumers.


How we work as a company, with our consumers to fulfill their wishes with our products.


Always treat fair & honest. We feel deep admire for the need of each person elicited by their desire. 

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Hear what they have to say about Us!

A am using Efra Halal Foot Cream, since last two month. Though at the initial I was not ready to use it when one of my close friend introduce it to me. But any how I started using it, and found that with 7 days all cracks from my foot started healing. After using 2/3 weeks there was no crack further. And now it's a soft good looking foot. I feel realy good.
A Ranga Rao
Director, Naya Ghar Twonship
I am using few of Efra Halal products (like Foot Cream, Stretch Mark Cream, Anti Wrinkle Gel etc.) since last couple of Months. I found that these products helped me repair my Cracks in foot, post pregnancy marks. It even make lighten years old scratch marks of my childhood. I love to recommend this product to my friends and others
J Sukanya
Manager, Cosmic Consultancy
Very good products been using from the time it's launched in Hyderabad. Seen lot of difference in my skin texture and skin tone, people with sensitive skin like me can use these products. The store is always neat and clean. The girl at the stores is very helpful to help us select the exact cosmetics for the skin type we have.
Arpita Manjari
Manager, R & B Group
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